Display your Christmas Cards with magnets!

Have you finished writing up your Christmas cards? Or maybe this year being the way it’s been, you have lost touch with loved ones, and have decided to pick up a pen and paper and write to them! We believe cards and letters are the best gifts to receive.

You may be wondering why we are discussing Christmas cards? Well, Christmas Card Day is on the 9th of December this year!

In 1843, the first commercial Christmas card was created in England by Sir Henry Cole. He had the idea of sharing the Christmas spirit by creating to cards for those to write their own Christmas cheer on.

How do I celebrate?!

As we were saying, Christmas cards are a lot more personal than spending lots of money on a present. The day encourages you to create homemade cards and post them to your friends and family, or to your neighbours for community spirit!

Magnetic touch…

Add our adhesive ferrite magnets to the backs of your Christmas cards so that your friends and family can display your homemade card with pride on their fridge!

Already received Christmas cards?

You may have already started to receive Christmas cards, or you may receive one back from the card you sent. If you do, you may be wondering where or how you can display the cards? We have a creative solution for you…

For this you will need…

Rubber Coated N42 Neodymium Magnet

• Decorative String

• Scissors

• Glue

• Your chosen Christmas figures… We chose Christmas gonks! For more creative fun, create your own gonks here.

Then follow these steps…

Step one

Get your Christmas figures and glue the rubber coated magnets to the backs of them and leave them to dry.

Step two

Once they have dried, place them on your fridge and measure up to see how much string you will need.

Step three

Tie the string to one of the gonk’s arms and tie the other end to the opposing arm.

Step four

Simply hang the cards from the string. If you fill the string you may need to add pegs to the string to hold more cards!

Happy Christmas Card Day! We hope we have encouraged you share the Christmas joy this Christmas! If you’re doing your own Christmas magnetic project, we would love you to share this with us! Please send in any pictures or videos to sales@magnetexpert.com.

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