Wood panelling has become increasingly popular in recent years and will frequently be seen in home renovations; however, it can be a very expensive, time consuming and permanent feature to add to your home.

This has meant if your new to the world or DIY or even rent your home you may feel stuck for options of how you can add a panel wall to your home.

However, using magnetic products provides the perfect solution an easy, damage free, and interchangeable way to redecorate your home.

DIY & Home Décor expert, @thisenglishhome, has been able to create a stunning damage free panel wall using our Magnetic Panelling Pack.

Using our pack removes the needs for nails, screws, power tools, re-plastering or drilling when adding panelling to your home, which can easily be removed or changed at any moment with no hassle or stress.

To create your own damage free magnetic gallery wall there are only two simple steps, firstly, paint your wall or surface with our FerroPaint® then using our self-adhesive magnetic tape, stick this to your batons watch physics in action.

However, each stage has a bit more to it.

To learn more about our FerroPaint® and how exactly to apply it correctly you can watch our full tutorial now.

Making Batons Magnetic

Having painted your surface with three good coats of FerroPaint® and allowing it 24 hours to dry, you must then ensure your wooden batons are now magnetic.

Any object with a flat surface can become magnetic using our self-adhesive magnetic tape, the amount of tape required depends on the weight of the object being hung.

Be sure to measure the length and width of your batons to ensure you get the correct amount and width of tape, ensuring it’ll be completely hidden when the baton is on the wall.

Our tape is super flexible can be easily cut and stuck with regular scissors before being easily stuck to the flat surface.

Depending on the size of the batons you may find adding small strips on tape in the top, middle and bottom of the baton an effective way of getting it to hold.

If you have any questions or queries then be sure to get in touch with our team of experts who are available on 0845 519 4701 or and are always happy to help.

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