DIY Fridge Magnets

Creative and colourful fridge magnets don’t have to be a thing of the past! No matter how old you get or what your décor includes a fun fridge magnet is one step to making your house a home. Weird and wonderful shapes and designs make sticking shopping lists, drawings and pictures to your fridge a little more cheerful.

But what’s better than buying a cool fridge magnet? Making them yourself!

Check out how one customer, Linda, used Ferrite Disc magnets to easily create her very own fridge magnets.

Linda had already chosen her desired object and having weighed the heart shapes she was able to begin searching for the ideal magnet for her DIY fridge magnets.

Top Tip – As the object is being placed perpendicular the magnet you choose will need a pull strength of 5x the weight of your magnet.

Linda was able to use our 20mm x 3mm thick Y10 Ferrite Magnet – 0.6kg Pull magnets.

These magnets are only magnetised on one side making them ideal for making DIY fridge magnets, using strong adhesive on the other side you can instantly create your own fridge magnet.

We would like to thank Linda for getting in touch and sharing her fridge magnets with us. If you’ve made your own DIY fridge magnets, working on a project, or looking for some advice, our team would love to hear from you!

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Custom made DIY love heart fridge magnets. Created and sent in by Linda.


Also known as ceramic magnets, ferrite magnets offer excellent value for money when pull strength is not the most important factor.

These magnets, as they are only magnetised on one side, are perfect for making fridge magnets out of your own photos or decorative items.

Simply attach the item you want to turn into a fridge magnet on to one side of the magnet using strong adhesive and you have an instant fridge magnet.

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