DIY Magnetic Fly Screen

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and your heating is officially switched off! This can only mean one thing, summer has arrived! The time of year where you leave your back door open to let the kids run in and out from the garden, whilst letting in a cool breeze to swirl around your house. A tranquillise scene pictured until buzz, buzz, BUZZZZZ… That’s right, flies and bugs have entered your home. But don’t worry, our experts have a solution to help debug your houses and motor-homes this summer!




Measure your door up. Then with our SteelFlex® roll out and cut 2 x height measurement and 1 x width measurement. Our SteelFlex® or FerroFlex® are perfect for this application as both have a white gloss finish, providing a smart clean finish to the application.


Then with one piece at a time, peel off the adhesive backing off and stick each part to the frame of your door. Leave the adhesive to cure for 24-32 hours. While the SteelFlex® cures, you can make your fly screen!



With your door measurements taken previously, add 32 cm to the width and 4 cm to the height.


Size up your fabric and cut out your fabric panel. Once cut, measure and cut the fabric in half to create two panels.


Now with your first panel, down both height sides mark out 3 points, top, middle and bottom, this is where the sew-in-magnets will go. Repeat this to process to the other panel.   


Sew in the magnets with the magnet side facing down to the fabric.


With the magnets sewn into place, fold the height sides inwards to the fabric and pin in place. Then at the top and bottom of the panel fold over 1 cm and again pin into place. Then simple sew the folds into place. This will create a hem around your panel, which helps hide the magnets whilst creating a clean smart finish to your fly screen. Repeat the process on the second panel.


Apply one panel piece to the left and the other to the right of the steel door frame you created early. The panel pieces should also meet in the middle and link up with together with the magnets sewn in. The magnets will join together securely to keep those pesky bugs away, whilst allowing you to open and close the join as you come through the door. What’s more, the whole fly screen can be taken and reapplied at your leisure and because of the white gloss finish of the SteelFlex®, you won’t notice the difference to your old door frame- RESULT! This handy trick can also be used on windows to.    


This application can also be done for your motorhomes and caravans. But because most motorhomes are made from a ferrous material, you will not be required to make a door frame. All you need to do is follow the instructions for making the magnetic fly screen and this will stick to your motorhome!  

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