DIY Tax/ Insurance document holder

In Ireland it is still law to display your tax/insurance documents in your cars window screen. We recently heard from one of our customers, John Quinn, who created their own Tax/ Insurance document holder with our magnetic and ferrous sheets. See the final result below…

With the help of Johns pictures, we have put together a step by step guide for you to follow, to create your own! For the application we recommend you use MagFlex® + Ultra A4 adhesive sheet and FerroFlex® 590/620mm Wide Flexible Ferrous Sheet. Our MagFlex® and FerroFlex sheets are extremely versatile for a range of applications and can be easily cut with scissors or craft knife.

FerroFlex® Flexible Ferrous Sheet
MagFlex + Ultra A4 adhesive sheet

Step 1.

Get your Ferroflex® sheet and lay your tax discs or insurance slip next to each other the ferroflex® . Then with a ruler carefully mark and draw out a shape that will link them both together. This will be used as the backing for the holder.

Step 2.

With scissors or a craft knife simply cut out the shape out.

Step 3.

Place the shape on to the MagFlex® + Ultra A4 adhesive sheet and draw around the shape.

Step 4.

Again, with scissors or a craft knife simply cut out the shape out.

Step 5.

Next with the MagFlex® + Ultra A4 adhesive cut out, you will then need to mark out the same shape 1 cm smaller.

Step 6.

Then simply cut along the new line to remove the middle. You will then be left with the following two pieces. Our customer painted the Ferroflex® silver.

Step 7.

Peel the adhesive backing from the MagFlex® sheet and stick to the inside of your car windscreen to create the frame. Leave the adhesive to set for 24-32 hours.

Step 8.

Place the FerroFlex® sheet to the MagFlex® frame, simply peel back the FerroFlex® sheet and place your tax/insurance documents inside, and then place the FerroFlex® back. Once fixed in place, this will provide a secure closure for holding the documents in place, whilst allowing for versatility to open and detach when required.

Tah dah! A very simple but effective way to displaying your tax and insurance documents. We would like to thank John for sharing his pictures and great idea with us! If you require more advice on this application or need help on a project, contact our experts on 0845 519 4701 or email at  

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