Dynamic Microphone Magnets

It is without question that Neodymium magnets are one of the most important and key components of a modern microphone.

Useful fact: Our high quality Neodymium magnets produce magnetic fields which cut through the coil inside the microphone and as the coil moves back and forth through the magnetic field generated by the magnet, it creates an electric current which allows the sound waves to travel to your amplifier or headphones.

Bjarni contacted us from Iceland to tell us how his father builds Icelandic Ribbon Microphones using magnets bought from www.first4magnets.com

Bjarni uses power neodymium magnets in the building of the microphones. These small but very powerful magnets allow less space to be taken up in the body of the microphone. These small magnets also mean less magnets need to be used to produce a high level performance microphone.


The strong high performance Neodymium magnets allow the microphone to produce more output with less distortion making them ideal in the application of microphones.



We would like to thank Bjarni for sharing his magnet application with us and for sending us some great photos.

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