Golf Fridge Magnets

Relaxing, taking time out, having fun and spending time with family and friends is what holidays are all about. However, no holiday is complete without a small piece of family holiday memorabilia.

Paul from Hampshire contacted us to tell us how he took a simple piece of memorabilia from his recent holiday to Florida and transformed it into a fridge magnet for all the family to enjoy.

While on Holiday Paul purchased a selection of ‘Poker Chips’ from some of the golf clubs he played at. When Paul returned home he ordered some of our self-adhesive circular disc magnets to apply to the back of the Poker chips, allowing them to be stuck to the front of his home fridge/freezer.


Making your own fridge magnets is great fun and you can use just about any ordinary object from around the house to get started.

We would like to thank Paul for sharing his magnet application with us and for sending in some great photos.

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