Guitar Back Plate Magnets

Have you ever designed, built and constructed your very own guitar? Our customer, James from Devon contacted us to tell how he not only built his own guitar but used our magnets in its finishing touches.

James decided to build his very own ‘no hold barred’ bass guitar. When adding the finishing touches to his guitar design James wanted to avoid using screws in anyway on the guitar body so the aesthetics were not compromised.

James purchased a pack of 8mm x 1mm adhesive magnets to invisibly attach the battery and electronics back plate cover. The adhesive magnets meant that no screws were on display and fully showed off the beautiful wood James had used in the design.

Using small magnets and adhesive magnets are a great way to add covers to a variety of household objects. Did you know a large number of our customers use magnets to hold radiator covers up while still allowing access to the radiators when needed? This works in much the same way as James guitar back plate.


We would like to thank James for sharing his magnet application with us and for sending in a detailed photo of his finished guitar and back plate.

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