Hanging artwork with counterbore magnets

Hanging pictures and artwork at home is an extremely common application amongst our customers. Artwork comes in all shapes, sizes and materials, which can often make securing to walls difficult. But don’t worry, with the help of our experts we will take on any challenge!

We recently had a visit from our customers, Mr and Mrs Wilson, they were looking to display their artwork on their dining room wall.  The piece was circular in shape and was made from steel, you can view the artwork below.

They wanted to fit the piece to the wall without any of the fixing to be visible. With this in mind our experts suggested they use 31mm dia x 6mm thick Rubber Coated N42 Neodymium magnets . These unique rubber coated counterbore pot magnets are manufactured with their north and south pole on the same face giving them an incredible 9.7kg clamping force and a secure 4.5kg shear force against a steel surface.

These counterbore magnets can be screwed into place with our 6mm dia head x 3mm dia thread x 13mm long Stainless Steel Screws. Our experts advised that our customers measured the size of the artwork and mark out on the wall where each counterbore magnet is to be positioned. They then simply screwed the counterbore magnets into place. As the artwork was made from steel, it meant that the magnets would securely attract and keep the artwork firmly in place. Check out the end result below.

As you can see the artwork is discreetly clamped to the wall, resulting in a great feature piece and some very happy customers!

We would like to thank Mr and Mrs Wilson for sharing their application with us.

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