Hanging picture frames on metal walls and partitions

If you work in an office with metal walls or partitions it can be incredibly difficult to hang pictures without drilling unsightly holes which are also difficult to fill in and disguise at a later date. Or maybe you’ve created your own office, studio or workshop with metal walls? Either way, the most sensible and cost effective way to hang your pictures and photographs is to use magnets.

Valerie from Barnet did just that and sent us these wonderful pictures of her favourite TV show memorabilia fixed to her metal home office building walls.

Dexter and Breaking Bad pictures in clip frames held together with rivets and stuck to a metal wall with ferrite channel magnetsFarscape signed picture in a glass clip frame held together with rivets and hung on a metal wall with ferrite channel magnets

















Glass clip frame showing three ferrite channel magnets fixed to the back  of the frame for hanging on a metal wall


To hang her pictures without screws or nails, Valerie purchased 20 26mm x 23mm stainless steel ferrite channel magnets with a 3mm hole. As you can see, she then attached them to the back of her beautiful clip frames using the rivets that the frames are held together with and then placed a small piece of masking tape over the magnetic face to prevent the magnets from marking her white walls.

The great thing about ferrite channel magnets is that they are excellent value for money, and because of the outer steel shell the magnetism is concentrated one face providing the maximum magnetic performance. Each of the ferrite channel magnets used by Valerie is capable of supporting 6.1kg of weight when in flush, direct contact with a steel surface of equal thickness in a vertical position and 1.2kg in a sheer position.

In the photo above, you can see that Valerie has used three of the channel magnets which would ordinarily give her the combined performance to support 3.6kg in a sheer position. However, because she has placed a piece of masking tape over the magnetic face the performance of each magnet is reduced to approximately 0.8kg in a sheer position, still giving her a combined performance of 2.4kg. The best thing about using magnets in this way is that when you fancy a change, you can simply move the frames around without leaving unsightly holes.


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