How To Fix A Rattling Letterbox With Magnets

Keeping the cold out in the winter months is a must for everyone. Draughty leaks let cold air in, increase your electricity bills and make for a very cold night in. But what happens when your letter box lets the draft in and you are unable to seal it? The postman would find it difficult to deliver your mail.

Chris from the Isle of Wight contacted us to tell us how he had managed to solve this problem with this own front door. Chris had purchased a selection of small neodymium magnets from our online shop and attached them to the area around his letterbox. On the letterbox flap Chris attached small sections of old band saw blade to attract to the magnet. Because Neodymium magnets can break easily if receiving constant force Chris placed a sheet of clear Perspex plastic over the magnets to protect them from the impact of the letterbox flap. The letterbox flap then had a layer of felt placed over the band saw blades to reduce their impact.


Using our small powerful magnets along and a small amount of hard work Chris has successfully created a draft excluder for his letterbox while still allowing the postman to get mail through the Door.


We would like to thank Chris for sharing his magnet application with us and for sending in some great photos.

An Expert alternative

Alternatively you can use some of our SteelFlex® tape and again some of our 6mm dia x 1mm N35 Neodymium EasyPeel Adhesive Magnets. Simply create a border with the tape around your letterbox. The SteelFlex® will act as a sealant around the letterbox, what’s more the tape is gloss white and with most front doors being white it will disguise nicely. Next peel and stick some of the adhesive disc magnets around the letterbox cover. Allow both the tape and adhesive magnets to cure for 24-32 hours, before using.

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