How to make magnetic wine glass charms for your Christmas party

Easy to make magnetic wine glass charms

At any party, especially at Christmas it is easy to get carried away. As the food, wine and merriment begin to flow, it is even easier to lose track of which glass belongs to whom.

Equipment needed for creating magnetic wine glass charmsIt is also tradition for dinner party hosts and hostesses to offer their guests a small favour. By making your own wine glass charms you can prevent any glass-related confusion and give your guests a classy little gift.

Here is what you will need:



How to make wine glass charms

Step one

Firstly you will need to take your memory wire rings, memory wire is really useful as it is generally supplied already in rings and keeps its shape well. For our wine glass charms we are using 22mm diameter rings, which you can get in coils of ten rings for just over £1.00 from Beads Direct. Cut one complete ring off of the coil.

Cutting memory wire rings with wire cutters
Step two

Take one side of a magnetic jewellery clasp and feed this on to one end of the ring with the larger diameter facing the end of the open end of the ring.

Half of a jewellery clasp on a memory wire ring.
Step three

Use some needle nose jewellery pliers to bend the end of the ring back on itself, preventing the first part of the clasp from coming off.

Memory wire ring with end bent over and magnetic clasp
Step four

Add beads or charms to the ring to personalise the design. It is a good idea to make each one different so that your guests can use them to tell their glasses apart. We used a selection of beads and Christmas charms found on Amazon but you can personalise yours to  each of your guests tastes.

Beads and Christmas charm on a memory wire ring
Step five

Add the second part of the jewellery clasp onto the other end of the ring, again with the wider hole pointing towards the other part of the clasp and bend the end back on itself using your pliers

Beads charms and magnetic clasp on a memory wire ring
Step six

And voila! The two parts of the magnetic clasp will attract together allowing your guests to quickly and easily attach and detach their charms from their glass. Cheers!

Finished magnetic wine glass charm with pink and white beads and Christmas charm

Wine glass with magnetic charm around the stem

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