How to use Neodymium magnets on a model aircraft

Magnets come in all shapes and sizes, with sizes as small as 1mm dia! Magnets of this size are extremely popular amongst craft and model making enthusiasts, as they can be easily hidden within fixings whilst providing strong hold.

It is this exact reason that our customer Michael got in contact to demonstrate how he used our magnets in his 64″ span Hawker Hurricane model aircraft.

Michael glued 8 of our 6mm dia x 0.5 thick N42 Neodymium magnets secure the model’s detachable hatch. Michael needed the hatch to be both secure in flight, whilst easily removable if he needed to access the inside of the plane.

Michael glued a magnet to each corner of the hatch and one at each corresponding corner of the cut-out. He attached these with epoxy glue. The magnets Michael chose for the application are ideal as their low profile allows them to be fitted in to place perfectly, ensuring the hatch remains flush to the plane.

Michael was delighted with the performance of the magnets and was pleased with the end result. We would like to thank Michael for taking the time to share his magnet story with us and for his wonderful photos of the model aircraft.

We have an extensive range of magnets that work perfectly for craft and model making. If you are looking to use magnets for your craft or model making, we have many applications to take inspiration from! Click here to browse our craft and model making range.
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