Keep your gates securely closed with countersunk magnets

Magnets are a quick and easy solution for keeping doors, cupboards and gates closed securely. Recently we had an inquiry from one of our customers, Steve, who required a magnetic solution for his gate. After speaking to one of our experts, Steve purchased:

1 x 25mm x 5mm thick x 6.0mm Neodymium Magnet – 11.2kg Pull NORTH

1 x 25mm x 5mm thick x 6.0mm Neodymium Magnet – 11.2kg Pull SOUTH.


These magnets are ideal for this application due to the countersunk central hole, which allows them to be fixed to non-magnetic surfaces with a screw and in this case a wooden gate. Our 25mm x 5mm countersunk circular magnets provide an astonishing magnetic pull for such a small magnet.

Steve recessed a hole into the gate and simply screwed in one of the north countersunk into the gate and screwed in the opposing south countersunk magnet into the fence. Drilling the initial hole ensured that the magnets sat flush on both the gate and the fence.

When the gate is pushed to close, the north countersunk magnet will attract with the south countersunk magnet in the fence and the gate will close. As the magnets sit flush within the gate and the fence it provides a secure closure with a clean aesthetic.

As you can see this solution is a simple, quick installation to keeping your gate closed. As this is an outdoor application our experts recommend you paint the magnets with a protective layer of varnish or a corrosion resistant iron paint, like Hammerite, to reduce the risk of corrosion from rain.

We supply a wide range of magnetic fixing options to suit any form of DIY home projects. If you require any further information or have a query regarding your own home projects, feel free to contact one of our Experts today on 0845 519 4701 or email at

We would like to thank Steve for taking the time to send over his pictures and videos!

Check out his application in action:

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