Lathe Magnets – Using Magnets for Metal Lathing

Using workshop lathes can create a great amount of dust, debris and cleaning up. Depending on the type of lathe you are using and the material you are lathing you can drastically reduce the amount of debris created.

Ray from Cornwall contacted us to tell us how he used our magnets to try and minimise the debris created in his workshop when working with metal on his lathe.


Ray ordered a selection of our magnets to permanently fix onto three primary sections of his lathe. Ray placed a single magnet at the base of the lathe pillar to catch any debris from metal lathing, preventing it from going down the cut outs in the base of the machine.


Ray also placed two magnets at the back of the shot blasting cabinet. These two magnets collect a lot of the fine dust and reduce the clogging up of the filer.


As you can see from the photographs ray has provided us with, these magnets do a good job of collecting debris around his workshop. We would like to thank Ray for taking the time to tell us how he used his magnets and for sending us some great photos.

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