Magnetic Drill Bit Holder – Three quick ways to use a magnet!


Do you misplace, lose, or fiddle around trying to find your different drill bits?

This magnetic hack could be ideal to not only save you time and stress, but also a few drill bits over time! Using our countersunk magnets Tim, from The Restoration Couple, has been able to create an interactive space in which all drill bits or screws can be stored right at your fingertips.

We recommend gluing the countersunk magnets to your drill to avoid damaging your power tool and we would strongly recommend gluing a magnet to the area as shown by Tim to avoid affecting the drill’s interior motor.

Sewing Machine Magnet

This quick and easy-to-install magnet is the ideal holder for your scissors, spare sewing needles, and any other small metal objects while you’re sewing.

Make sure you don’t misplace your equipment and always have it to hand by using one of our adhesive magnets.


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