Magnetic hooks for hanging mugs

If you have a mug tree in your kitchen, you will know that they generally only hold about six to eight mugs. Now, most households have far more mugs than this in their kitchen cupboards taking up valuable cupboard space.

A solution using magnets is the perfect answer, particularly if you like to show off your collection of mugs, like Myra from Somerset.

Myra approached us seeking the perfect magnets to hang her mugs on the side of her fridge-freezer so that they were easily accessible and always within reach for making a speedy brew!


neodymium hook magnets used to hang 20 mugs to the side of a fridge.


The above photo kindly sent into us by Mrya shows the magnets she used, which are 20mm diameter N42 neodymium hook magnets with 8mm diameter hooks and 19mm diameter neodymium hook magnets with 10mm diameter hooks. As you can see, the mugs look fab on the side of the fridge.

Myra said “The arrangement is completely flexible and no dust or bad language was generated from drilling.  I am very pleased with the result.”


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