Magnetic Make-up Organiser

If you own a lot of make-up and keep it in a regular make-up bag or drawer you will understand just how frustrating it is when you can’t find the make-up you need, especially when all the containers and boxes look the same.

The best way of solving this problem is to create your own magnetic make-up board for keeping all your favourite bits organised. There are loads of simple ways you can do this depending on the look you are trying to achieve. This really easy method was sent into us by Wei from London who used a baking tin, painted with her own design and 25mm diameter x 5mm thick ferrite disc magnets glued to the back of her make-up boxes to stick them to the tray.

Magnetic make-up organiser showing items of make-up stuck to a metallic tray using ferrite disc magnetsMagnetic make-up organiser showing items of make-up stuck to a metallic tray using ferrite disc magnets

















This example looks great, but if you don’t want to use a baking tray or tin like Wei for sticking your magnetic make-up to you can create your own board from scratch using what is known as a ferrous sheet. A ferrous sheet is basically a steel sheet that magnets will stick too, but doesn’t have any of its own magnetism and are available in A4 sheets or larger metre rolls. At just 1mm thick, ferrous sheeting is ideal for placing within a picture frame, you can then cover the sheet with your own designs or pictures and then stick your make-up to your new bespoke frame using magnets.

In the above example, Wei chose to stick her ferrite disc magnets to her make-up using all-purpose permanent glue, however, if you don’t want to mess around with glue and want a quicker solution you can use self-adhesive ferrite magnets which are equally as effective and really easy to apply.


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