Magnetic Rocks

When was the last time you walked into your garden with a high performance magnet and tried using it to pick up a rock from your favourite flower bed? …. Never?  As crazy as the idea might sound we were very surprised to hear that one of customers has tried this very idea, with a small twist!


Salim from London contacted us to share his very unique and unusual use of high performance magnets and rocks.   Salim runs out-reaching science talks for schools and uses the magnets to show which minerals contain Iron.  Rather than using traditional garden rocks Salim uses specialist rocks including real life meteorite rock samples from across the world.


We think this fascinating use of magnets for science education and would like to thank Salim for taking the time to share his magnet application with us.  If you would like to hunt around your garden to find rocks containing Iron you could try using the same magnets used in this application here.

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