Magnetic Science Putty

We all know that Science Putty fascinates children and adults alike with its ability to be manipulated in many different ways; stretched, bounced, ripped etc. It was only a matter of time before people started to look to enhance Science Putty further and make it magnetic!

Hannah contacted us to tell us how she had purchased both a magnet and iron powder filings from us to convert science putty into magnetic putty. Hannah kneaded the iron filings into the putty until they had both completely mixed together. Hannah then took a small magnet and placed it on top of the putty. The putty, now magnetic, completely swallowed up the magnet. The Iron filings inside the putty attracted to the magnet pulling the magnet into the putty.


This is a great home experiment that the kids can get involved with. We would like to thank Hannah for sharing her magnet application with us and for sending in some great photos.

If you would like to experience how magnetic putty works why not try it for yourself? To make this experiment even easier we have created our own magnetic putty with much finer ferrous particles which you can buy from our online store.

Feeling a little more adventurous? Why not try our range of iron powder filings and powder

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