Magnetic Vent Cover

Have you ever needed to cover a vent in your house, office or factory? Have you been left feeling that cold draught blowing through from an outside vent?

Craig from Border Biscuits contacted us during the cold months of December tell us about how he has used our magnetic sheets to keep his factory warm. Craig had ordered our gloss white flexible magnet sheet to cover act as a temporary cover for air vents around the factory. The magnetic sheet reacted with the vent like glue and formed a tight gapless cover for all the air vents around the factory.


Depending on the type of air vent in your house, garage or work place our gloss white flexible sheet could be the perfect solution for you. If you would like more information on creating your own magnetic vent covers please contact a member of our technical sales team: 01777 874520.

We would like to thank Craig for telling us about his magnet application and for sending in some great photos.

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