Magnets For Learning

Magnets are a fundamental part of schools across the UK. You can find magnets everywhere; on magnetic whiteboards, staff room fridge, in the science laboratory, lunch boxes and classroom teaching aids. Magnets feature heavily in most school syllabuses. At school we are all taught the fundamental principles of magnets and magnetics. We learn that the earth is a giant magnet and that magnets produce strong forces.

With the development of new technologies we discover new magnets, smaller and powerful. These magnets are now built into many small commercial products and we often don’t notice that they are there.

“TheatreInaBox” is a small company that creates a robust mobile theatre system that is used throughout schools to help drama students build set arrangements and learn the fundamentals of stage managements. “TheatreInaBox” use our small neodymium magnets inside their stage elements to allow steady miniature sets to be built and adapted quickly without any permanent damage. They have kindly provided us with a picture showing our magnets in use.


We would like to thank Theatreinabox for kindly telling us how they use our magnets and for providing us with a great photo. If you would like small and powerful magnets for your own creative projects please visit our online shop.

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