Make a ‘pin the nose’ on Rudolph the Reindeer game

Pin the nose on Rudolph game stuck to fridgeThis festive spin on the timeless ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ game is sure to prove a great past-time at your Christmas party this year and something everyone young and old can get involved in. Who at your party will return Rudolph’s bright red nose to its rightful place?

With just a few materials, it is so easy to put together, here’s how:

What you need:

Step one
There are two ways to create this fun game depending on where you will be playing it. If you have a steel surface such as a fridge or noticeboard to which you can attach your Rudolph design to, then a gloss white magnetic sheet is perfect. If you don’t have a steel surface to fix a magnetic sheet to, then a great alternative is to use a self-adhesive magnetic sheet which can be stuck to a piece of stiff cardboard or other type of board. If you are a dab hand with a marker pen, then you may wish to draw your own Rudolph head onto a white magnetic sheet, like the one pictured. If you aren’t the artistic type then don’t fear, you could use our printable design and glue it to a magnetic sheet. You can choose from an A4 design and large version to fit our 590mm wide sheets. You can select the correct size of magnetic sheet below:Magnetic back, self-adhesive front (use our design)
A4 sheet
590mm x 1 metre sheet

Magnetic back, white front (draw your own or use our design)
A4 sheet
590mm x 1 metre sheet

Rudolph designs
To fit 590mm wide sheet

hand drawn Rudolph on white magnetic sheet
Step two
Once you have printed or drawn out your design for Rudolph’s head, you need to create his bright red nose! For this, you will use a red A4 magnetic sheet. Draw a circle at least 70mm diameter (drawing around a jar lid works perfectly) on to the sheet and then cut it out with a sharp pair of scissors.
Drawing and cutting a red circle from red magnetic sheet
Step three
Fix the magnetic sheet to a steel surface such as a noticeboard or put up your board and let each player take it in turns to be blindfolded and see if they can pin the nose back on to Rudolph.
Pinning th enose on Rudolph the Reindeer game

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