Make your own Halloween spider fishing game

This spooky spin on the traditional magnet fishing or hook-a-duck game is sure to keep everyone entertained at your Halloween party and is so simple to put together.

How to make your own spider fishing game:

1) Firstly, unroll your white magnetic sheet and draw your spider web on to it with your black dry-wipe marker pen.

2) Take as many chopsticks as you require, one for each player, and tie a length of string around the end of each to create your fishing rods. The string should be long enough for the player to stand over the sheet and reach the spiders when dangling.

3) Place a piece of tape over the knot you have tied around the chopstick to prevent the string sliding off.

4) Print off as many spiders as you require and cut them out. You can download a sheet ready to cut out here.

5) Stick a self-adhesive steel disc on the underside of each spider.

6) Tie one ring magnet on to the end of each fishing rod, and enjoy!

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