Make your own magnetic bookmarks

Open book with two magnetic bookmarks insideIf you have ever lost your bookmark when half way through a great read you will know just how annoying it can be. Yet, this is something so easily avoidable with a magnetic bookmark and by making your own you can personalise each one to your own taste. Or, they make really fantastic gifts for your friends and family – especially at Christmas.

A magnetic bookmark is normally made out of a single piece of material or card which is folded in half and slipped over a page or pages. The magnets on each side of the bookmark attract together through the thickness of the page and hold the bookmark securely in place.

Here’s what you need:



How to make a magnetic bookmark using inkjet printer magnetic sheets

Step one

The fantastic thing about using a printable magnetic sheet to make magnetic bookmarks is that you are only limited by your imagination. Simply open up a desktop publishing program on your computer or even a more basic program like Microsoft Word and mark out four lines vertically down the page approximately 40mm apart. You will cut down these lines later to make each individual bookmark.

Screenshot of MS Word document
Step two

Create your design for each bookmark, or download our Christmas design templates. Remember, that each strip will be folded in half so the design that you create on the bottom half of each bookmark will need to be turned upside down, like our example Christmas designs. Also, remember that most printers won’t print to the very edge so it is a good idea to make sure your design finishes a few millimetres in from each edge.

Step three

Once you have created your designs, put one magnetic sheet into your printer on top of your regular paper, ensuring you are inserting the sheet the correct way up so that the printer will print on to the white side and print your designs. Do not put more than one sheet into your printer at any one time as they will stick together and jam.

Christmas bookmarks printed on to inkjet printer magnetic sheet
Step four

Once printed, allow the ink to dry thoroughly before cutting. You can cut the sheet with a pair of regular scissors or with a paper trimmer.

Cutting out bookmark designs from magnetic sheet
Step five

Fold each book mark in half and crease. Then, take your scissors or craft knife and carefully and lightly score along the crease on the magnetic side to help prevent the bookmark springing open.

Folding a printed magnetic bookmark in half
Step six

Place your bookmark over the top of the page and press together. The two pieces of the bookmark will attract together and hold tight against the page.

Magnetic bookmark being positioned inside book


How to make a magnetic bookmark using card and self-adhesive magnets

Step one

Take your piece of card and mark out the borders to the size of the bookmark you wish to create. Alternatively, you can download our Christmas templates to print off.

Bookmarks marked out on white card
Step two

Cut out your bookmark and fold in half.

Folding bookmark in half
Step three

Add your own design and embellishments to your bookmark.

Colourful bookmark on cutting board
Step four

Peel off two self-adhesive 30mm diameter magnetic dots and stick one to the inside of one side of the bookmark and press it firmly in place.

Pressing self-adhesive magnet on to bookmark
Step five

Take the second magnet and place the magnetic face on top of the magnet on the bookmark. Then, twist the second magnet carefully in one direction until you feel it snap in place and where the attraction is strongest. Then, press the two flaps of the bookmark together and hold for a few seconds, taking care not to dislodge the magnets.

Positioning one slef-adhesive magnet on top of another.
Step six

Open the bookmark and slide it over your page then allow the two magnetic dots to attract, holding the bookmark in place.

Magnetic bookmark upside down fixed into a book

Finished magnetic bookmarks attracting to same page in an open book

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