Making a Flexible Magnetic Menu

Starting a business is always a challenge, and beginning life and working as a small business can present issues and problems which constantly need to be solved. On this very occasion, the solution to this business’s problem was magnets!

Magnets offer a solution to thousands of problems and we’re very happy to share how our MagFlex® Flexible Magnetic Chalkboard Sheet has helped a new small business get up and running and serve their customers.

Dessert Queen LTD is a small business ran by mother and daughter, Jodine and Celeste Ashford, who sell bespoke gelato, waffles, and crepes in their trailer. They are available to hire for weddings, parties, food festivals, and many more events and can be contacted via their Instagram, Facebook, or by calling 07815 574432.

Jodine and Celeste came to us as they were looking for a solution that would allow them to display their large menu, and with a domed style roof, finding suitable display boards has been an impossible task. That was until they found our MagFlex® Flexible Magnetic Chalkboard Sheet.

The MagFlex® sheet has given Dessert Queen the ability to easily apply to the domed surface due to the flexible material, as well as write their menu out on a cut-to-size sheet that can be applied and removed to the metal roof with ease. As well as being completely reusable and easily updateable as menus thanks to the chalkboard finish.


MagFlex® Flexible Magnetic Chalkboard Sheets being used as food menus in the trailer’s roof.

We would like to thank Jodine and Celeste for getting in touch and sharing their story with us. If you are currently working on a project or could use some advice, our team would love to hear from you! Contact our experts on 0845 519 4701 or email today.

Shop MagFlex® Flexible Magnetic Chalkboard Sheets

Turn any metal surface into a black chalkboard in an instant with MagFlex® magnetic flexible black chalkboard sheets. Ideal for using as a interchangeable chalkboard.

Leave messages for the family, write your shopping lists or just provide a wipeable surface for children to write and draw on.

You can also use liquid chalk pens with these sheets, just use a damp cloth to remove any chalk and start again.

These sheets are not suitable for sticking ‘hard’ permanent magnets too as the strong magnetic field will realign the magnetic particles in the sheet, significantly weakening its own magnetic field.

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