May the fourth be with you…

In the spirit of things, we thought we would share with you a Star Wars themed customer application! We are always amazed at the creative ways our customers use our magnets, and this application is extremely creative!

One of our customers came in to speak with our experts and to show his amazing Yoda mould creations. He created an intricately designed Yoda head, moulded from clay, sculpted and painted – we think they are brilliant!

So why was he looking for magnets for his Yoda moulds? He was looking to turn these moulds into fridge magnets that would securely attach to his fridge and allow him to hold kitchen towels!

From our experts advice, he purchased a pack of our F311NA – 25mm dia Adhesive backed Neodymium magnets.

Adhesive 25mm dia x 2mm N42 Neodymium Magnet- North- F311NA

As you can see below, he applied the self-adhesive magnets to the back of the Yoda head:

Typically, we would advise Ferrite magnets or Magflex ® for fridge magnet applications. But since the Yoda heads were heavy we needed to ensure they held securely. Our F311NA adhesive Neodymium disc magnet worked perfectly for this as they can hold up to 3.5kg vertically. When using adhesive magnets, we recommend once the magnet is stuck to surface that you leave it to cure for 24-32 hours before use, then you’re good to go!  

Below you can see images of the Yoda heads in action, we think they look awesome holding kitchen towels on the fridge!

We’d like to thank our customer for coming in and sharing his application with us. We hope you enjoy May 4th!

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