Model Aeroplane Magnets – Cowl Magnets

Using Magnets in professional and hobby models is becoming increasingly popular. Each week we receive a number of enquiries from enthusiasts across Europe wanting to integrate magnets into their home model kits.

This week we received an email from Richard in Hertfordshire who wanted to share with us how he had used our magnets in his latest model aeroplane.

Richard purchased 2 packs of 10mm diameter circular disc magnets to form an integral part of his planes design. When Richard contacted us he explained that the cowl (nose) of the aeroplane was attached to the aeroplane body using four screws. Richard wanted to modify this by removing the need for screws and replaced them with circular disc magnets.


Removing the screws from the cowl enhanced the planes external appearance and easily allowed access to the electric motor, speed control and batteries. Richard was very pleased with the final result.



We would like to thank Richard for sharing his magnet story with us and thank him for sending in some great photos of the completed model.

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