Model Aeroplane Magnets

Building your own model aeroplanes can be a great hobby. Enthusiasts all over the globe are making some of the most accurate and finely detailed scale model aeroplanes ever made.

Unlike your traditional ‘Ready to Fly’ models building a scale aeroplane from scratch often requires small and detailed components that are not always easily available.

We recently received an email from one of customers explaining how he has used our magnets to adapt his scale model design. Ian used small neodymium magnets to allow him to remove parts of the aeroplane to access the battery and the radio control receiver.


Ian explained that because most people now use ready to fly models that many model shops did not stock small magnets and recommended using screws for creating accessible hatches.

Ian’s idea of using small magnets provided a great safe solution to building model aeroplanes. We would like to thank Ian for taking the time to tell us about his magnet application and sending in some great photos.

If you would like to use small, high power neodymium magnets in our model aeroplane try our “Model & Craft Magnets”.

UGC-ModelMagnets3[1] UGC-ModelMagnets2[1]

UGC-ModelMagnets5[1] UGC-ModelMagnets4[1]

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