Modern Artwork Display Magnets

Using magnets to display artwork in galleries and exhibitions around the world is now becoming increasingly popular among artists and exhibition curators.  Magnets provide the ability to suspend artwork on any surface without the need of adding or creating any hard permanent fixtures.

We recently received an email from one our customers who used our F306 magnet to suspend their latest artwork at an exhibition at the midlands art centre in Birmingham.  The 6mm by 1mm magnet allowed them to suspend their artwork without damaging the fragile paper the work had been created on.  In order for the magnets to attract to the wall a magnet was fixed into position on the wall behind the magnet using strong glue (Araldite or Loctite is perfect for this job).  The Artwork was then laid over the top of magnets positioned on the wall and another magnet then attracted to them.


This is just one of many ways you can use magnets to hang, suspend or fix artwork into position.  If you are looking for creative ways to suspend artworks or framed pictures using magnets contact a member of our technical sales team: 01777 874520.

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