Magnetic Notice Board

There is a reason the old style cork notice boards were phased out. They were messy and could be worn down quickly, making them unusable after excessive use over a short amount of time. You could also find photographs and paperwork damaged by the pin. I’m sure you’ve all experienced the horrid pain of having a pin stuck into your foot!

You are now more likely to find a magnetic notice board sitting proudly on a wall. They are not messy, they never become unusable and you will never have a pin stuck to your foot!

A very kind customer called Natalie has sent us a picture of her magnetic notice board which is a collage of all her family photographs and memories. – Natalie does not need to worry about ruining her family photos with pins to hold them up on a cork board, and she can easily change the photographs with newer ones whenever she likes very easily and quickly.

Modern Artwork Display Magnets

Plus, we think that our shiny Silver Notice Board/Planning Magnets look really lovely up on the board.

Why not look at creating your own Magnetic Notice Board?

We must thank Natalie for sharing her lovely picture with us to demonstrate the use of our planning/notice board magnets!

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