Noticeboard Magnets – Documentary

Magnets are used all over the world in hundreds of thousands of different applications. Magnets are commonly found in people’s houses on the front of fridges, on office notice boards or inside their latest electrical devices. It is fair to say that magnets have been a very common part of everyday life for some time. For this reason is it always nice to hear from customers who are using our magnets for a very common application but with an interesting subject or background.

Dean from the West Midlands contacted us to tell us how he was using our F307 magnets as part of a photographic noticeboard for an up and coming documentary he was producing. Dean needed to build up a board of photographs he had taken and be able to easily re-arrange them to build up his stories. This provided a lot of help for Dean when deciding how to structure his documentary.


We would like to thank Dean for sharing his magnet application with us and for sending a great picture of the final noticeboard. We would also like to wish Dean good luck with his documentary.

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