Oven Door Magnets

Replacing kitchen appliances when they break can be a costly exercise. Fixing faulty or broken appliances can also be very expensive and time consuming.

One of our customers recently contacted us to tell us how they had used our magnets to fix their faulty oven door, a problem we hear about on a regular basis.


Colin from Hampshire had a faulty oven door that didn’t shut properly and leaked large amounts of heat. This loss of heat was costing Colin money and adding extra cooking time onto his meals. After being advised by an oven repair specialist that the fault would not be easy or cost effective to fix Colin decided to resolve the problem himself.

Colin ordered a selection of our F500 magnets to carefully position around the frame of the oven door. These magnets have an operating temperature of 80 degree’s Celsius. Colin carefully positioned these so they would not encounter the full heat of the oven when in use. This would have otherwise reduced the length of time the magnets would function for. After some tweaking Colin had found a great solution to his oven door and saved himself the cost of replacing the oven.


We are very pleased that Colin successfully repaired his oven door at minimal cost. We would like to thank him for sharing his magnet application with us and for sending us some great photos.

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  • nelle

    I came to the same conclusion hence found this sot. May I ask HOW he secured them?

    • Magnets such as those featured above can be secured in place with a two-part epoxy resin such as Araldite or Loctite. Hope this helps.