Securing cables to a steel surface

Close-up of magnetic cable tie mount suspending a red cable from a steel gurder


Drilling into a steel surface is time consuming and permanent, with no margin for error or adjustment once the holes are drilled. This can present problems when you need to secure cables to the walls of a steel clad building quickly and easily.

Using a magnetic cable tie mount to secure cables is a great solution. It not only saves time on the installation but enables the installer to easily and quickly reposition the anchor points during or after installation.

As well as simply securing cables, magnetic cable tie mounts are very useful for installing security systems or lighting, especially on modern steel buildings. Securing cables using magnets reduces tripping hazards and frees up hands when laying long runs of cabling. They are especially useful in tight spaces as no additional tooling is required, just attach the cable to the magnet using the cable tie provided and then clamp in place.

Magnetic cable tie mounts holding thick red cable to underside of a steel gurder

Stainless steel magnetic cable tie mounts are designed to be used outside as they won’t rust. They can be used to secure a number of different items to the outside of steel clad buildings, not just cables. For example, take this hose which presents a clear tripping hazard. Each cable tie magnet can support up to 6kg in weight in a vertical position and 1.2 kg in a shear position which is sufficient to hold the hose clear of the floor and remove any tripping hazard.

Before and after of an untidy hose mounted against a steel clad wall

A common use for magnetic cable tie mounts is steel container applications. Magnetic cable ties instantly attract to the container’s steel shell, giving you instant application without the need of drilling, adhesives or additional fixings. This can be important for health and safety when keeping wires, ropes and hosepipes out of the way.

Please see our Magnetic Solutions for Steel Containers brochure, which includes magnetic light fittings, signage displays, additional storage space and cable tie mount solutions.

Magnetic Solutions for Steel Containers Front Cover

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