adhesive magnets


Guitar Back Plate Magnets

Have you ever designed, built and constructed your very own guitar? Our customer, James from Devon contacted us to tell how he not only built his own guitar but used our magnets in its finishing touches. James decided to build his very own ‘no hold barred’ bass guitar. When adding the finishing touches to his guitar design James wanted to avoid using screws in anyway on the guitar body so the aesthetics were not compromised. James purchased a pack of 8mm x 1mm adhesive magnets to invisibly attach the battery... Read More


Folder Magnets – User Guide

We recently received an email from Simon in Dumfries & Galloway who wanted to share his most recent magnet application with us. Simon works for a creative company that recently finished putting together a user guide for their client and our magnets played an essential part of the design process. Simon and his company used our F309NA magnets to attach the clients metal product components inside the user guide for reference. Simon explained that after trying several other magnets from other companies that none of the magnets had met his... Read More


Photo Fridge Magnets

Creating your own fridge magnets is a great fun home project and a way to turn old and new photographs into keepsakes. We speak to customers on weekly basis who are interested in creating fridge magnets for professional uses and hobbies. We all take photographs to remember our happiest memories, but our customer Toni has taken it further by having these happy memories turned into custom made fridge magnets. Toni carefully cuts around each image and applies a small adhesive neodymium magnet to the back of the picture, instantly turning... Read More


Museum Magnets

No trip to a museum would be complete without leaving with a very smart (or cheesy) souvenir. You can often walk away with a smart, long lasting gift that you can happily give to friends and family. John from Hampshire wrote to us to tell us about how he used his magnets. John owns a business that specialises in the custom manufacturing of fridge magnets for museums. Using our adhesive ferrite magnets, John creates custom designs and attaches small adhesive ferrite magnets to the back. We would like to thank... Read More