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Using magnets & SteelFlex® to display artwork

Painting, digital printing or sketching is a great skill and finished results can take a long time. Once you have completed pieces, you will want to hang your work with pride. However, using pins and hooks could damage work. We recently heard from one of our customers Wendy who created the perfect solution for this! Wendy is an Artist who has recently created some abstract pieces and was wanting away to display in progress and finished work. To do this, she purchased 1 x SteelFlex® 20mm Wide Steel Tape &... Read More


Using magnets to hang artwork

At first4magnets.com, we have helped hundreds of artists, exhibitors and curators looking for the ideal magnets to hang artwork in their exhibitions, galleries and displays. Each callers’ problem is similar; they are looking for a simple and stylish way to hang artwork that won’t damage the artwork or the walls and will also allow for individual pieces of art, sometimes really large pieces, to be swiftly swapped and changed. There are a number of ways this can be achieved using strategically placed, strong but importantly, inconspicuous magnets. The photos below,... Read More