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How to use Neodymium magnets on a model aircraft

Magnets come in all shapes and sizes, with sizes as small as 1mm dia! Magnets of this size are extremely popular amongst craft and model making enthusiasts, as they can be easily hidden within fixings whilst providing strong hold. It is this exact reason that our customer Michael got in contact to demonstrate how he used our magnets in his 64″ span Hawker Hurricane model aircraft. Michael glued 8 of our 6mm dia x 0.5 thick N42 Neodymium magnets secure the model’s detachable hatch. Michael needed the hatch to be both secure in... Read More


Folder Magnets – User Guide

We recently received an email from Simon in Dumfries & Galloway who wanted to share his most recent magnet application with us. Simon works for a creative company that recently finished putting together a user guide for their client and our magnets played an essential part of the design process. Simon and his company used our F309NA magnets to attach the clients metal product components inside the user guide for reference. Simon explained that after trying several other magnets from other companies that none of the magnets had met his... Read More


3D Imaging Magnets

3D Laser scanning is becoming increasingly popular as a fast method for gathering 3D digital data for any given object. Placing small reflectors onto any object and then scanning It using a 3D laser can allow you to build a complete digital 3D model of that object. David, from CADMAN recently contacted us to tell us how he had incorporated our self-adhesive magnets into this very specialist domain. David recently started a project to produce a complete laser scan of a vintage car wing. To prevent the car wing from... Read More


Golf Fridge Magnets

Relaxing, taking time out, having fun and spending time with family and friends is what holidays are all about. However, no holiday is complete without a small piece of family holiday memorabilia. Paul from Hampshire contacted us to tell us how he took a simple piece of memorabilia from his recent holiday to Florida and transformed it into a fridge magnet for all the family to enjoy. While on Holiday Paul purchased a selection of ‘Poker Chips’ from some of the golf clubs he played at. When Paul returned home... Read More