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You may have seen in previous posts, that we are big Star Wars fans! Eric, one of our Technical Experts, who is also a huge fan, has recently been working with one of our customers, Huw, on his latest costume and prop applications.  Huw is part of the Worldwide 501st Legion Star Wars Costumers.  501st Legion Star Wars Costumers is directly linked to Disney/Lucasfilm; they build all their own costumes to exact screen correctness. In Huw’s words, “It’s a labour of love in most cases, and a case of sourcing parts from... Read More


How to use Neodymium magnets on a model aircraft

Magnets come in all shapes and sizes, with sizes as small as 1mm dia! Magnets of this size are extremely popular amongst craft and model making enthusiasts, as they can be easily hidden within fixings whilst providing strong hold. It is this exact reason that our customer Michael got in contact to demonstrate how he used our magnets in his 64″ span Hawker Hurricane model aircraft. Michael glued 8 of our 6mm dia x 0.5 thick N42 Neodymium magnets secure the model’s detachable hatch. Michael needed the hatch to be both secure in... Read More


Industrial Notice Board Magnets

Notice board and office magnets can be used in a variety of different applications.  Each week we receive a high number of requests from customers wanting to use noticeboard magnets in many different industrial applications. We were recently contacted by Sue from Rotherham who required a number of noticeboard magnets to securely fix in place production plans in an industrial factory.   Sue ordered a selection of our 20mm diameter noticeboard/planning magnets.  These ferrite planning magnets are perfect for holding paper securely in place and are easy to remove or... Read More