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Create your own marble run with magnets!

We strongly believe that you can have fun with magnets! We recently received an email from one of our customers, Ed, who proves this. He has recently been working on the Marble Mania summer exhibition at St Neots Museum. Marble Mania is a collaborative project from The Neotists, a local creative community in St Neots. The project is supported with a grant from Cambridge Community Reach fund. Ed is a local painter and decorator who was commissioned to build the exhibition. The main feature was a giant interactive marble run,... Read More


Modern Artwork Display Magnets

Using magnets to display artwork in galleries and exhibitions around the world is now becoming increasingly popular among artists and exhibition curators.  Magnets provide the ability to suspend artwork on any surface without the need of adding or creating any hard permanent fixtures. We recently received an email from one our customers who used our F306 magnet to suspend their latest artwork at an exhibition at the midlands art centre in Birmingham.  The 6mm by 1mm magnet allowed them to suspend their artwork without damaging the fragile paper the work... Read More


Exhibition Display Magnets

With years of experience we can say with confidence that using magnets to support pictures, paintings and sculptures is a very common application. We recently received an email from one of customers in London who contacted us to tell us how they had used not only our magnets but our instant notice board strip in a novel way to display print work in their print based studio. Helen from London wanted to create a mini gallery in their print studio to showcase work in progress for studio users. This then... Read More