ferrite magnets


Museum Magnets

No trip to a museum would be complete without leaving with a very smart (or cheesy) souvenir. You can often walk away with a smart, long lasting gift that you can happily give to friends and family. John from Hampshire wrote to us to tell us about how he used his magnets. John owns a business that specialises in the custom manufacturing of fridge magnets for museums. Using our adhesive ferrite magnets, John creates custom designs and attaches small adhesive ferrite magnets to the back. We would like to thank... Read More


Ceramic Fridge Magnets

Creating your own fridge magnets can be a great, fun home project. Why not treat your friends or family to a hand-made fridge magnet? Rosemary Smith from Manning Tree kindly sent us an email explaining her take on the traditional homemade fridge magnets. Rosemary’s magnets are created from ceramic and are then carefully painted when dried. When finished her fridge pieces are substantially heavier than cheaper, thin fridge magnets. These fridge pieces are approximately 60mm x 50mm and are 4mm thick with each magnet weighing approximately 35 – 40 grams.... Read More