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Home-made Magnetic Wall Calendar

We always appreciate our customers getting in touch to show us then creative way they are using our magnets, and one customer has shown us their home-made calendar using our magnets. Steve began with a 9mm piece of ply and a 0.75mmm thick piece of steel, 800mm x 500mm in size. The calendar template was simply printed from his PC and covered in plastic before being stuck to the steel. Now with a calendar template Steve was able to use some 11.5 aluminium strips for the days of the month... Read More

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DIY Magnetic Levitation Stand

Magnetic levitation also known as the magnetic suspension is a method by which an object is suspended with no support other than magnetic fields. For magnetic levitation to happen you would require two large, strong magnets set to repel and one will levitate above the other. However, it is not as easy as it may sound because magnets always want to attract each other. This causes the repelling magnets to move and flip so they can join back together. So, before you try magnetic levitation please be aware that the... Read More


Museum Magnets

No trip to a museum would be complete without leaving with a very smart (or cheesy) souvenir. You can often walk away with a smart, long lasting gift that you can happily give to friends and family. John from Hampshire wrote to us to tell us about how he used his magnets. John owns a business that specialises in the custom manufacturing of fridge magnets for museums. Using our adhesive ferrite magnets, John creates custom designs and attaches small adhesive ferrite magnets to the back. We would like to thank... Read More