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May The Fourth Be With You

In the spirit of things, we thought we would share with you a Star Wars themed customer application! We are always amazed at the creative ways our customers use our magnets, and this application is extremely creative! One of our customers came in to speak with our experts and to show his amazing Yoda mould creations. He created an intricately designed Yoda head, moulded from clay, sculpted and painted – we think they are brilliant! So why was he looking for magnets for his Yoda moulds? He was looking to... Read More


Stop Your Fridge Light Turning on When The Door is Open

Every time you open your fridge, as regular as clockwork, you are greeted by the welcoming glow of the light coming from somewhere at the back of your appliance. Unarguably an incredibly useful feature, that, as technology has progressed has seen the functionality and performance increase to super-efficient LED lights that are turned on and off by a reed switch, as if by magic. All well and good, but not if you don’t want your fridge or freezer light to turn on automatically when you open the door. Why would... Read More


Magnetic Cards

Magnetic Cards are becoming increasingly popular over time. Each year we receive hundreds of enquiries about printing onto magnetic card, sheets and tapes for personal and professional applications. This year we were contacted by one of our customers, Stein in Norway. Stein had ordered some of our magnets to create a concept for a “Postcard sticker magnet”. Stein hoped our magnets would allow postcards to be easily stuck onto fridges and magnetic surfaces. Did you know… If you have postcards from friends and family you too can easily make these... Read More