Damage Free & Rent Friendly DIY Magnetic Panel Wall

Wood panelling has become increasingly popular in recent years and will frequently be seen in home renovations; however, it can be a very expensive, time-consuming and permanent feature to add to your home. This has meant if you are new to the world of DIY or even rent your home you may feel stuck for options of how you can add a panel wall to your home. However, using magnetic products provides the perfect solution an easy, damage-free, and interchangeable way to redecorate your home. DIY & Home Décor expert,... Read More


Damage Free DIY Magnetic Gallery Wall

If you’re looking to make your house a home, here at FIRST4MAGNETS we believe it’s the personal touches that add comfort and sentiment to your house. Over the last 18 months redecorating, renovating, and improving your home has been a much-needed form of relief to combat being stuck inside, however if your new to the world or DIY or even rent your home you may feel stuck for options of how you can improve your home. However, using magnetic products provides the perfect solution an easy, damage free, and interchangeable... Read More


Home-made Magnetic Wall Calendar

We always appreciate our customers getting in touch to show us then creative way they are using our magnets, and one customer has shown us their home-made calendar using our magnets. Steve began with a 9mm piece of ply and a 0.75mmm thick piece of steel, 800mm x 500mm in size. The calendar template was simply printed from his PC and covered in plastic before being stuck to the steel. Now with a calendar template Steve was able to use some 11.5 aluminium strips for the days of the month... Read More

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Hanging a tool bag with magnets

Our magnets are perfect solutions for our customers problems, and we love nothing more than seeing the clever ways in which are magnets can be used to make day to day life easier. One of our customers recently got in touch to show us how our magnets have made their working life easier. Duncan, an electrician from Scotland, has been able to modify his tool pouches with magnets so they can be hung at a more suitable height for working. Having first seen the idea on an Instagram post one... Read More

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Improving a board game with Magnets

With lockdown restrictions gradually being eased here in the UK, there is a positive feeling ahead of the upcoming summer and one tradition may be able to make a big return, family game nights. Family game nights always present fun, laughter and a challenge for the competitive amongst us! For the avid board game fans, you may be looking at ways in which you can create your own, or even improve an existing game – well why not take inspiration from our customer, Steven Vacher, who’s used over 400 magnets... Read More


Keeping A Doll House Wardrobe Closed With Magnets

Over the past year with restrictions put in place to keep us safe, many people have had time to pick up a new hobby or give their hand to some DIY, one parent and customer has got into touch showing us the extra steps they have taken to make an amazing addition to their daughter’s doll house. This customer really has added a stunning addition to their daughter’s house of dreams which any parent would be proud to display and we were fascinated to find out our magnets played a... Read More


Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Vehicle signs are a fantastic way of getting your message to the millions of motorists and passengers who travel by car every day. If you own a business you need to make sure your vehicles look their best and portray your company’s brand – magnetic vehicle signs are the most cost-effective, durable and flexible option. Studies show that vehicle signage is seen by more different types of people than any other form of advertising and with over 70 billion vehicle miles being driven on UK roads each quarter, it’s easy... Read More