noticeboard magnets


Magnetic Notice Board

There is a reason the old style cork notice boards were phased out. They were messy and could be worn down quickly, making them unusable after excessive use over a short amount of time. You could also find photographs and paperwork damaged by the pin. I’m sure you’ve all experienced the horrid pain of having a pin stuck into your foot! You are now more likely to find a magnetic notice board sitting proudly on a wall. They are not messy, they never become unusable and you will never have... Read More


Industrial Notice Board Magnets

Notice board and office magnets can be used in a variety of different applications.  Each week we receive a high number of requests from customers wanting to use noticeboard magnets in many different industrial applications. We were recently contacted by Sue from Rotherham who required a number of noticeboard magnets to securely fix in place production plans in an industrial factory.   Sue ordered a selection of our 20mm diameter noticeboard/planning magnets.  These ferrite planning magnets are perfect for holding paper securely in place and are easy to remove or... Read More