Using Disc Magnets in Warhammer

Warhammer 40,000 is a game played and loved by many people across the world and especially here in the UK where the original Games Workshop was founded in Hammersmith, West London over 45 years ago.

Here at FIRST4MAGNETS we receive several emails regularly showing us how are magnets can be used in the game by players to swap weaponry and armour on the models.

We most recently heard from a customer who had purchased 50 of our N35 Neodymium disc magnets in order to enhance his Warhammer collection.

These small neodymium disc magnets are incredible value for money and are some of the smallest magnets in our range which is why they are commonly used for research, technology and crafts alike where small size and maximum strength is required.

Available in bulk packs from 50 to 15,000 each magnets north and south pole are on opposite 2mm diameter faces and are incredibly resistance to demagnetisation. Additionally, each magnet is coated with three layers of nickel, copper, nickel to give superior corrosion resistance and provide a smooth and clean finish.  

After much research and some trial runs this customer found our N35 Neodymium disc magnets to be the perfect size and magnetisation to modify his models as well as being more cost effective than having to purchase up to 40 completely new models.

As shown below the magnets sit perfectly on the models allowing the customer to swap weaponry, armour and any other customisable parts of the model keeping within the rules of the game. As well as the magnets being completely hidden when the model is used in battle mode.

We would like this customer for getting in touch and showing how are magnets are helping their collection, if you are thinking of adding magnets into your own Warhammer models be sure to browse our craft and model magnets or if you need some more advice be sure to contact our experts on 0845 519 4701 or email

Be sure to check out below some previous example of how our magnets can be used in Warhammer 40k.

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