Warhammer Magnets

Warhammer, the extremely popular game which is played across the world with small models is using Neodymium magnets more than ever before. We are receiving a much increased number of calls and e-mails from customers looking to place small magnets within their warhammer models to have detachable components.

Kevin contacted us to tell us how he used small magnets in the building of his Warhammer 40k Ork Battle Wagon. Our small neodymium magnets meant Kevin could easily attach and detach different weapon configuration on the battle wagon. Each different type of turret had a small magnet glued to it that would attach to an attracting magnet built into the body of the wagon.


Using magnets in warhamer model designs allows warhammer modelers to modify the weaponary of a game part while keeping within the rules of the game. We have found that Neodymium magnets are perfect for the application, given there small size yet high performance characteristics.

If you would like to add magnets into your own Warhammer model, browse our craft and model magnets section on our website by clicking here.



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