4 Custom Printed Magnets That Will Improve Your Business

If you’re looking for a new way to promote your business, breathe life into your office space with company branding, or create a more eye-catching reusable display then custom printed magnets are the perfect solution.

Below we’ve listed our four must-have custom printed magnets for your business, take a look at the wide variety of printed magnets available and just some of the uses of each magnet as the possibilities are endless!

Office/Notice Board Magnets

Our custom printed magnets will help take your office organisation to the next level whilst also adding a splash of your own branding throughout your workspace.

Add your logo, slogan, custom design, or image to any colour or size office magnet and create the perfect partner for any filing cabinet, fridge, whiteboard, and notice board.

As well as using these printed magnets in your own work environment they make a perfect corporate gift for all customers and clients, who can find a convenient use for these magnets whilst also having your branding on full show.

Magnetic Business Cards

Does your business currently hand out business cards with your contact details, a valid promotional discount code, or even just your logo, if so, are they different from competitors’ cards, or can they be stored easily, well magnetic business cards can solve both of these issues.

Stand out from the competition and earn your business a place on display in a customer’s office or kitchen and always be in view and on their mind ahead of that next purchase.

Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Promote your business on the move everywhere you drive with our custom magnetic vehicle signage, designed to attach to the side, front or back, or any car or van.

Durable and weather-resistant our custom printed magnetic vehicle signs allow you to update, change, or remove your signs without leaving behind any damage or marks on your vehicle.

Our range of magnetic vehicle signage grabs the attention of any pedestrian or motorist and helps your business make the right first impression. So be sure to fix up your vehicle and show your business’s key information on the go.

Retail Point of Sale & Display Magnetic Sheets

Point of sale marketing and retail displays are designed to capture the eye of your customer and with 70% of all in-store purchases being unplanned, it is a vital part of growing your business and pushing your products and service.

Trends, product ranges, deals, seasons, and services all change, using magnetic POS and retail displays allows you to easily remove, swap, and update these displays with ease to match the season or sale of your choice leaving behind no damage or marks.

Our custom printed magnets allow you to print messaging, imagery, and engaging designs to our range of flexible POS and retail display magnets, giving freedom to create an eye-catching design to display in your store while ensuring a secure hold.

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