Can Magnets Affect Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging has become increasingly popular amongst all devices, but did you know it is only possible because magnets use their magnetic field to transfer power.

The history of using magnets and electricity dates all the way back to the 19th century when Nikola Telsa and other inventors began creating electronic devices using electromagnetism.

Magnetic materials have the strength to attract and pull metals such as iron and steel. This quality of magnets has been used in several electrical products, such as wireless charging.

Magnetic wireless charging is one of the best versions of wireless charging available, by simply securing any phone with MagSafe or a magnetic case to the charger with no extra materials or effort from yourself.

However, despite the rise of wireless and magnetic wireless charging many people still have questions about how magnets will affect their electronics or their wireless charging, but don’t worry we’ve got the answers.

Wireless Charging

Will Magnets Affect Wireless Charging?

As wireless charging uses magnetic fields to transfer electricity wirelessly magnets can cause interference with wireless charging, making it difficult to mix the two.

For example, this is why Apple suggests avoiding any magnetic mounts, magnetic cases, or other objects between an iPhone and a wireless charger.

However, other magnetic wireless charger manufacturers, position magnets that can avoid interference between the charging coils and the phone. Placing metal inside the phone or case further avoids affecting the intricate workings of a phone.

Do Magnets Damage Electronics?

Magnets are commonly used in several electronic devices such as computers, phones, and laptops but there is no reason to expect any damage, as the magnets used inside electronics are commonly small, household level, and safe to use magnets which can be put to good use.

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