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7 Strange Facts About Magnets

How much do you know about magnets? If you’re not sure how many poles a magnet has then maybe it’s time to expand your knowledge with 7 of our most fun and strangest facts about magnets and impress your friends and family with your facts and expert knowledge.


6 Myths About Magnets Busted

When it comes to magnets, there is a lot of facts and figures out there, but it can be hard to separate these facts from fiction. We hear our fair share of questions about magnets such as their make, properties, capabilities and effects. This is why we’ve put together a list of the 6 most common myths about magnets and explained why they aren’t true. Bigger magnets are stronger than smaller magnets The size of a magnet is not always relevant to its overall strength, several factors can determine the... Read More


6 Facts About Magnets That You Need to Know

It’s impossible to escape the unlimited access to information at our fingertips, the constant barrage of information can make it hard to remember everything you’ve learnt, seen or been told. The good news is we have 6 facts about magnets that you don’t know… yet.