Magnetic Storage Hacks – Cruise Ship Edition

In 2016, a record 1.9 million British holidaymakers took an ocean cruise, travelling to all corners of the globe in search of sun, sea (obviously, being on a cruise) and sand. Final figures for 2017 are expected to show further growth in the cruising industry, with the average age of consumers continuing to fall year on year.

In anticipation of your holiday at sea, you need to pack the essentials as well as the ‘just in case’ items, which can amount to a whole lot of luggage! Ask a friend or family member to sit on your case, zip it up and you’re ready to go.

Once onboard the luxury liner, you need to make your cabin your own for the duration of the trip. As well as being magnet experts, we are actually self-proclaimed cruise experts, and one common issue we’ve found is the lack of storage space with budget rooms.

However, we’ve found a solution.

Cruise ships are megastructures, where the foundations are predominately made from high-strength steel. As we know, steel is a ferrous material that magnets will attract to.    Onboard the cruise ship, more often than not, you’ll find the cabin’s walls are made from steel, as they contribute to the ship’s layout.  This creates a big opportunity for you to create extra storage space, rather than cramming everything into the compact wardrobes provided.

At FIRST4MAGNETS®, we stock a wide range of lightweight hook magnets that can be carried onboard and instantly attached to your cabin’s walls. Once in place, hang your robes, hats and shoe racks from them to help create a home from home. By increasing your storage space, you are making living in a confined space easier and more enjoyable, all thanks to magnets!

Check out this shoe rack and robes…

Magnetic Space Saver for Shoes

Magnets hold robes up against a cruise ship cabin wall

Another use we’ve found for magnets on-board a cruise ship is privacy. In some cases, you may take a trip with a friend, where a certain level of privacy is required. Easily erect a room divider by magnetically clamping a sheet to the ceiling of your cabin. This splits the room in half, giving you and your travelling buddy the privacy you need. Once you’re done, bring down the divider in seconds.

Room Divider with Magnetic Hooks

So what magnets should you use?

When it comes to hook magnets for this application, we have two options for you, both of which are half price in our Attractive Deals!

1. 20mm Neodymium Hook Magnet with M4 Hook – 18.3kg Pull – Available in black or white

This magnet is ideal for creating a room divider. With a strong pull strength of 18.3kg, it is more than enough to hold a sheet against a ferrous surface. You too could use the individual magnets to hold robes, swimwear and other clothing in a sheer position. Space-saving made easy, from as little as £3.99 per magnet.

2. 25mm  Neodymium Hook Magnet with M4 Hook – 20kg Pull – Available in black or white

Hook Magnets Hold Up A Shoe Rack

We’d recommend this magnet for holding a shoe rack in a sheer position against a cabin wall. In a vertical position, you need to account for the co-efficiency of friction, which in this case, you will get 4kg of pull per magnet. The number of shoes you have in the rack will determine how many magnets you need to use to hold the weight, but we’d recommend taking at least 4 magnets with you for maximum space saving! Try a magnet from just £5.45 each.

Remember, both of these hook magnets are half price for a limited time only. It’s worth stocking up as you never know when you’re going to need them. Use them around the home to hold coats under the stairs or mugs on the underside of your cupboard, but when it’s cruise time, take them with you in your suitcase and create a crucial space saver in your cabin!

Before you set off on your voyage, think ‘sunglasses, check, passports, check,        hook magnets, check!’

So there we have it, a space-saving, life hacking, magnetic storage device that you can try yourself. If you do give this a go, we’d love to see a picture of the magnets in action, so send us a picture to If you have any questions regarding this post, or any magnet related queries, call our experts on 0845 519 4701.

Thanks for reading, and remember, X marks the spot!

Cruise Ship Extra Storage On-Board

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