How To Use Magnets in Hotels, Airbnb and Resorts

Everyone has stayed in a hotel, Airbnb, or resort that uses a key card to access a room and some of us have experienced issues when these cards become demagnetized and stop working.

Key cards are just one example of how magnets can be used in hotels, Airbnb, or resorts however there are multiple ways magnets can be used throughout rooms and we’ve rounded up four of the best ways to use magnets in a hotel, Airbnb, or resort.

Hotel Door Locks

Magnetic door locks are affordable, easy to use, and allow easy access to rooms and properties for guests making them a worthwhile investment.

Magnetic locks require a door card reader and magnetic key card to work, as inside the card and door lock is a magnetic strip containing particles that must align for the key and lock to work.

When a customer arrives, all data about their stay is programmed into their card and they then scan this card to gain access to their room. When the key card and lock don’t match, the card will not work.


Hand Holding Key card Hotel room access Privacy security gate system

Bin Bags

Bin bags can often come loose, sink, sag, and basically move out of place meaning rubbish can be left behind in the bin or even left on the floor making it harder for cleaning staff.

However, if you put your bag in the bin as normal but add a few small disc magnets over the top of the bag to ensure your bin bag will stay in place. These magnets can easily be removed and then reapplied every time the bin is emptied.

Curtains & Shower Curtains

No one wants a bad night’s sleep when staying away from home and curtains that won’t close can be a real problem, but magnets provide a simple solution. Using self-adhesive disc magnets on the corners of your curtains you can create a way for curtains to securely stay in place overnight.

Another curtain that can cause problems is shower curtains that move and let water out, this can be avoided by using our sew-in magnets on metal bathtubs to secure a shower curtain in place.

Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are crucial for a room’s first impression to guests and a big part of having a good night’s rest at any hotel, Airbnb, or resort. Using tiny disc magnets, it’s possible to ensure all four corners of the duvet covers stay in place ensuring a nice and tidy room for all guests.

An added bonus is due to the smaller neodymium magnets’ strength they will not take away from the overall look and feel of the room. 

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